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Menu - Dine in at the Best Chinese Restaurant Ever!

Dine in at Tea Garden, the best and most authentic Chinese restaurant in Chadstone, Clayton, Oakleigh & Malvern East. We are known for our Yum Cha and authentic Chinese food.

Have a look at our menu. We have lots of different options in Chinese and Cantonese dishes. Our menu includes everything from appetizers and soups to authentic Chinese desserts and beverages. We also serve a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks along with the yummy food so you can relax and have a great time with your family or friends.


Pan Fried Chicken Dumpling (2 pcs) $6.00
Duck Spring Roll (2 pcs) $6.40
San Choi Bao (chicken or beef)(each) $6.50
Seafood San Choi Bao (each) $7.50
Steamed Home Made Soup Dumplings $7.20
BBQ Pork Tenderloin (6 pcs) $6.00
Chicken Fillet With Sweet BBQ Sauce $7.20
Chicken Sparerib in Honey Pepper Sauce $7.20
Steamed Assorted Dim Sim (3 pcs) $7.60
Barbecued Pork Sparerib (3 pcs) $7.20
Satay Skewer (Chicken or Beef) (2 pcs) $7.80
Fish Fillt In Sweet Chilli Sauce(in light batter) $7.80
Steamed Prawn Dumping(3 pcs) $8.40
Deep Fried Calamari Tossed With Spicy Salt & Pepper (5 pcs) $9.50
Fluffy Omelette With Prawns $10.00


Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup $7.20
Wonton Soup(short soup) $7.20
Hot & Sour Soup $7.20
West Lake Beef Soup $7.20
Shredded Duck & Mushroom Soup $7.20
Fish & Tofu w/Coriander in Clear Soup $8.00
Prawn & Tofu Soup $8.50
Combination Soup $8.50
Crabmeat & Spinach Soup $9.50


Roasted Crispy Skin Duck $26.00
Deep Fried Boned Duck Wrapped In Taro Paste w/Mushroom Sauce $28.80
Steamed Boned Duck With Seasonal Vegetables & Mushroom $28.80
Peking Duck Half (6 pcs) $33.00
Whole (12 pcs) $60.00


Chicken fillet w/Seasonal Vegetables $22.50
Chicken fillet in Curry Sauce $22.50
Saute Chicken Fillet (in batter) in mandarin Sauce $22.50
Lemon Chicken Fillet (in batter) $22.50
Honey Chicken Fillet (in batter) $22.50
Golden Fried Crispy Skin Chicken $22.50
Saute Chicken Fillet In Szechuan Dry Chilli $22.50
Chicken Fillet with Chinese Rice Wine In Clay Pot $23.50


Sweet & Sour Pork $22.50
Pork Chop (In Light Batter) in Mandarin Sauce $22.50
Deep Fried Pork Chops(In Light Batter)tossed with spicy salt & pepper $22.50
Deep Fried Pork Chops(In Light Batter)marinated with prawn paste $22.50
Grandmother Tofu (minced pork & diced tofu in spicy sauce) $22.50
Sliced Pork with Szechuan Chilli Sauce $22.50
Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable $22.50


Saute Sliced Beef in Satay Sauce $22.50
Saute Sliced Beef in Traditional Black Bean Sauce $22.50
Saute Sliced Beef with seasonal vegetables & mushroom in oyster sauce $22.50
Saute Sliced Beef in Plum Sauce $22.50
Deep Fried Shredded beef (In Light Batter) in Peking Sauce $22.50
Diced Eye Fillet Beef Tossed with Wasabi Sauce $31.50
Eye Fillet Steak in Cantonese Sauce $31.50
Eye Fillet Steak in Szechuan Chilli Sauce $31.50


Saute FIllet Of Fish With Ginger & Spring Onion $24.60
Saute Fillet Of Fish In Garlice Butter Sauce $24.60
Deep Fried Fish Fillet (In Batter)With Pickles In Sweet & Sour Sauce $24.60
Braised Fish Fillet (In Light Batter) Tossed with Tofu , Garlic & Oyster Sauce $24.60
Deep Fried Clalmari (In Light Batter) Tossed With Spicy Salt & Pepper $24.00
Saute Calamari In Chilli Sauce $24.00
Char-grilled Whole Calamari Served With BBQ Sweet Thick Sauce $26.00


Saute King Prawns in Garlic Butter Sauce $31.50
Saute King Prawns in Sweet Chilli & Egg Sauce $31.50
Saute King Prawns in Ginger & Spring Onion Sause $31.50
Saute King Prawns in Chilli Sauce $31.50
Saute King Prawns With Fungi & Egg White $31.50
Honey King Prawns (In Batter) $31.50
Deep Fired King Prawns (In Batter)In Wasabi Sauce $31.50
Saute King Prawns With Egg-plant In Mild Chilli Fish Sauce $34.50


Saute Scallops With Seasonal Vegetables In Light Wasabi Sauce $31.50
Saute Scallops With Dry Honey Walnut & Vegetables $31.50
Pan Fried Scallops Wrapped In Prawn Meat $31.50
Deep Fried Scallops Tossed With Spicy Salt & Pepper $31.50


Steamed Jasmine Rice (Per Bowl) $3.00
Special Fried Rice (Small) $10.00 (Large) $15.00
Fried Rice with Minced Beef & Lettuce $15.00
Fried Rice with Chicken & Salty Fish $17.50
Fried Rice With Prawn In Prawn Paste $17.50
Fried Rice with Conpoy & Egg White $17.50
Singapore Noodle $17.50
Fried Crispy Egg Noodle w/Chicken & Vegetables $17.50
Fried Crispy Egg Noodle w/Beef & Vegetables $17.50
Fried Crispy Egg Noodle With Combination & Vegetables $21.00
Fried Crispy Egg Noodle With King Prawns & Vegetables $21.00


Vegetarian Spring Roll (2 pcs) $6.00
Spring Onion Cake $6.00
Vegetable San Choi Bao (Lettuce delight) $6.60
Steamed Vegetable Dumpling (3 pcs) $6.60
Pan Fried Bean Curd Puree with Vegetable (In Mushroom Sauce) (3 pcs) $7.20


Vegetarian Fried Rice (with egg) (Small) $9.00 (Large) $12.50
Braised Soft Egg Noodle With Ginger & Spring Onion $13.50
Fried Rice Noodle In Soy Sauce $13.50
Vegetarian Singapre Noodle (With Egg) $13.50
Fried Crispy Egg Noodle With Vegetables & Mushroom $15.00
E-fu Noodle (With Muchoom & Bean Sprout) $15.00
Deep Fried Tofu Tossed With Spicy Salt & Pepper $15.00
Braised Tofu With Vegetables & Mushroom $18.00
Wok Fried Seasonal Vegetables $18.00
Saute Egg-plant With Mild Chilli Sauce In Clay Pot $18.00
Braised Vegetables & Vermicelli in Clay Pot $18.00


Banana Fritter With Ice-cream $7.50
Pineapple Fritter With Ice-cream $7.50
Deep Fried Ice-Cream $7.50
Toffee Apple Or Banana With Ice-cream $8.10
Chinese Pancake(Red Bean Paste Or Egg Custard) $11.00
Crepe Suzette (With Alcohol) $14.00


Chinese Tea (Choice Of Jasmine, Oolong, Po Lai, Shou Mei, Chrysanthemum) $2.50
Herbal Tea (Choice Of Camomile, Pepper Mint, Lemon Twist, Lemon & Ginger ) $3.20
Lavazza Coffee $3.80
Corkage Charge (Per Head) $4.00

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